Today was one of those days that felt, well, endless. It started when the road I usually take to get to Lucy’s school was closed due to construction. That meant we had to go all the way to the end of the street and take a left onto Washington, which is never fun at that time of day. Then, we come up the hill to the school, and there’s a garbage truck in the middle of the road. Not picking up garbage, mind you. Just parked. In the middle of the road.

I probably would have had more of a conniption fit if it weren’t for Will’s exclaimed, “Again?! Everything today is too slow!” (I swear that he’s saying these things.)

Um, yep. That’s what I was going to say. (Except with me there would have been swear words involved.)

After a few minutes, I decided to try and make it through the space between the garbage truck and the parked car. Thankfully, I judged correctly and didn’t hit either one. (Considering that Will still occasionally tells me not to ‘bump’ anything when I’m driving, can you imagine? I never would have heard the end of that.) With the exception of the sad ‘Aren’t you going to come in, Mommy?’ from Lucy, drop-off went fine. Will’s drop off was surprisingly quick, so I was well on my way thinking that, despite the delays already, I was actually going to get in earlier than expected today and would have so much time to get done all the necessary things before the meetings started.

Ha. Ha! I tell you.

The phone rang as I was pulling up to Harvard and Comm. As I answered, I was registering that there were a heck of a lot of sirens flashing up ahead, and what looked like a fair amount of helicopters hovering overhead. It was Kelley, telling me there was a major accident on Comm Ave and I should take Beacon instead. I was literally seconds away from being too late to turn off, but I made the hard right onto Harvard. Thanks to the many other people doing the same, and the fact that this is one of the more major intersections on my commute, well, it took me quite a bit of time to go less than a mile. I turned off on the side roads as soon as possible, but that wasn’t much better, since just about everyone else in the world did the same thing. Every stop sign had a minimum of 20 cars backed up behind it. Sigh. What was that about getting to work early?

Of course, the flip side of that was that I wasn’t involved in a fiery mess. (See below for the picture from the Channel 4 website — they actually have video of the explosion at There’s more coverage on the Boston Herald site at:

Allston crash

Amazingly, no one was hurt. Still, I’m sure we can all agree that being late to work is a much better option.


As usual, work today was largely meetings. My new m.o. these days is to try and schedule some of these as walking meetings. Jeanne was game, so, rather than sit in one of our offices for our meeting, we did it while walking around the Fenway. It was raining, but warm, so this was doubly perfect for me; plus, we had some really great conversation. It was definitely as productive — if not more than — our meetings usually are. So, 40 minutes of brisk walking — not bad.

Then, I’d been planning on doing the same with Linnea. She was out sick today, though, so I went ahead and did it on my own. At the same time, I thought I’d drop off something for one of our adjuncts who works at BU. Unfortunately, I misjudged where her building was, so rather than a medium-long walk to Kenmore, it was a long-long walk to the BU bridge. It took me an hour to do the round trip, which I’m thinking was about three miles, considering my pace. At least it was my lunch hour, so it didn’t take time away from work. Man, am I feeling it now, though.

On top of that, tonight was Science Night at Lucy’s school. They do a really great job with it, and it was packed. Will hung out with Conal for the most part, while Kelley helped sell t-shirts for the parent council. I spent the evening trailing Lucy and her friends around.

This is our third year doing it, and it’s quite amazing to think about how she’s grown in that time. Watching her with Siobhan, in particular, was pretty cool. Not that she was ever a shrinking violet or anything, but seeing her now — she’s just so at home. I love watching these kids together. Lucy and Siobhan and Ruth and Matthew. They’re so great, making their bookmarks and watching the slideshow and holding the snakes (blech, by the way). It was exhausting, standing for two hours straight after all the walking I did today; it was worth it, though.

I’m sore already, and my eyes want to shut. I have some emails to read, though, and I want to get some writing done. (One of the fringe benefits of all the traffic this morning was that there was some major writing time while I sat at all the stoplights! Yay!) It’s possible that I will be physically unable to do this, however. I guess we’ll have to see.