It’s been a while since I’ve done a reality recap — hell, it’s been a while since I’ve had the chance to watch TV — but having been catching up on the DVR, I’ve also been itching to write a bit. So here I go.

I love America’s Best Dance Crew. I LOVE it. The ep I just watched wasn’t the best — all the crews had props, and most of them didn’t really do much with it. The ones who really got my attention were, of course, the two bottom crews: Supreme Soul and Super CR3W. As the judges mentioned, I think they were two of the best groups; they were certainly the most enjoyable tonight. What I really love about this show, though, is how the judges get into it. Although I didn’t like that they singled out the Boogie Bots as a group that should be at the bottom, I do like how adamantly the three of them spoke out in favor of the two groups that they had to choose between; I also like how they repeatedly assured the groups how good they actually are. I’d bet just about anything that at least one of those three will be working with at least some of those dancers at some point in the future.

One other thing that constantly surprises me is, despite the obvious competition between the groups, how much they seem to connect with each other. As they stood on the stage awaiting the decision, they seemed to be genuinely concerned about the other crew. And when Supreme Soul was declared as the losing group, the Super CR3W dancers seemed to be truly upset even though they were also obviously relieved.

I dunno; there’s just something about it all that seems refreshingly innocent and unrehearsed in a way that some of the other reality shows don’t.

I filled up two whole lawn bags of clippings from the hedge. Woo-hoo! It was such an incredibly gorgeous day — mid 70s, blue skies with tufty clouds, and a nice cool breeze — that I ended up staying outside for two hours just clipping the branches into small enough pieces for the bags. Yes, so I left a least a bag’s worth on the ground, and I couldn’t do anything about the bigger branches, so Kelley will have some work cut out for him on Friday. But while he’s doing that, I’ll cut up the rest and then trim the hedges.

After that, I came in and did some more cleaning out of old emails. I didn’t manage to do much in the way of cleaning off my desk, but I did feel like some stuff got done. Why I’m incapable of sitting outside and reading a book? Not sure. I did get that first sentence written though.

That said, what with the gym time and the yard work, I’m quite tired! Not too tired to catch you up on some of my tv recaps…

Camp Rock: This was no High School Musical, let me tell you. The characters were largely annoying, the music wasn’t as catchy, and it wasn’t nearly as much fun. I do like the Jonas Brothers, and whichever one was the lead guy in this — Joe Jonas? — wasn’t awful, but it just wasn’t the same. I don’t think we’ll be watching this one again.

On the other hand, I do have to say that I’m looking forward to Cheetah Girls #3. (And I’m not overly sad that Raven isn’t in this one.) It certainly won’t be winning any awards, but it does have the fun factor. The music they’ve been playing in the previews is also good, albeit in the Disney pop way. One thing that did occur to me as I was watching the ‘making of’ feature that they showed was that there was only one white person in the entire thing. How often does that happen? I mean yes, it’s set in India, but still — if this were on one of the big networks, there would be a whole entourage of white folks there no matter how little sense it made. Not to say that they won’t be there once the movie is actually playing, but one thing I do have to say for the Disney behoemeth (how the heck do you spell that word?) — they do have a decent track record in terms of showing various racial and ethnic backgrounds, and not just in a token way. I wouldn’t say that they’ve achieved perfection, by any means, but I have been impressed that they have multiple characters of different backgrounds rather than just one or two. The Cheetah Girls movie is just one of the examples.

Army Wives: I suppose what they did was necessary. I mean, you can’t really have a show about the Army — in wartime, no less — and not have casualties. Did it have to be — SPOILER! SPOILER! SPOILER!!!!! — Amanda? I don’t do well when shows kill off kids, even when those kids are 18 or 19. And the whole train station thing? Quite overdone. The guy who plays the dad, though, Brian McNamara, did a pretty awesome job. You know me — I’m a sucker for the strong and solid yet emotional Army family guy type, especially when he’s a general (*cough*cough*) — and boy did McNamara nail that. From the previews of the next episode (that’s already aired about a billion times, but that I haven’t yet watched), I think it will continue. I also think they’re setting up an interesting abortion conversation. Well, at least I hope it will be interesting and not totally one-sided. Again, I haven’t seen it yet, but the preview does have Holden (McNamara) getting into a fairly heated discussion with Burton (Wendy Davis), who is pregnant, but isn’t sure about continuing her pregnancy for various reasons, but largely because of what it will do to her career in the Army. Where, by the way, she is the #2 to Holden, who has just lost his daughter. I probably should have realized that this show, which is I think playing to a fairly conservative audience, wouldn’t allow Burton to have an abortion. At the same time, I do hope that they won’t gloss over what the other issues are.

So You Think You Can Dance: I’m still not entirely sure how I feel about this one. I do like watching the dances, although I find that the ones I tend to like are the ones that the judges hate. I am a fan of Twitch, as everyone else appears to be, but I don’t think that Joshua and Katee walk on water the way Nigel and Co. do. I mean, yes, I’ve liked their routines so far, but how was their dance #2 so much better than, say, Matt and Kourtni (yes, that’s how she spells it). Who, by the way, were completely panned by the judges. I mean, for the style that they danced — the whole Gene Kelley-type thing, I thought they were pretty awesome. But no, Mary was ‘disappointed,’ and Nigel thought it was ‘fake.’ Now the dancers out there might say that I’m totally off base. When the judges, however, are praising others because of their entertainment value, well, if you’re going to put Foxtrot up against Hip Hop, then yeah, the Foxtrot is going to come off in a completely different way. Just my humble opinion, of course.

Supernanny: Is it just me or did the dad in the Schumacker family
look almost exactly like James Marsters? All I could think of while I was watching it was, Spike is a dad?

That’s it. I haven’t really been doing that much in the way of TV watching, so not much beyond the above. Oh, other than to say — yay, Stephanie! I’m all on board for her as Top Chef. (Although, for the record, I do want to say that I think Lisa got a bit of a raw deal. Not that I found her to be the most pleasant person as she was portrayed in the show, but I think there was plenty of opportunity for others to come off just as badly — I mean, Dale punched a locker, for Heaven’s sake — but that’s not how it got edited.) And not so much on The Middleman. It’s a little too much for me.

I’m tired, and I’m trying to get through the email that came in today on my vacation day with Will. (Trying really hard not to devote to much time as, well, note that it was a vacation day, but instead to just get the quick stuff taken care of and the rest into a folder to deal with on Monday.)

Anyway, some things that are just in my head and I need to get them out…

* My TV habit has been to switch to Top Chef (as opposed to yet another CSI or Dexter or even Bones) once I hit 10:30 or 11 so as not to freak myself out. I’m noticing, however, that it is not helpful for the diet. My mouth is literally watering as I watch them cook the steaks. Oh, goodness.

* The “Best of Craigslist” is freakin’ hilarious.

* The Will story of the day:

This morning, we hung out at Dunkin Donuts for awhile, me drinking my coffee while he drank his strawberry milk (he refused both a donut and munchkins — I once again ask where he actually came from) and played with his cars. An acquaintance walked in just as he announced he had to go to the bathroom. (Yes, this is a bathroom related post. You know it’s gonna be good or else I would so not be posting it.) With all our stuff on the table and him saying “Now!” it was pretty obvious that I wasn’t sure what to do. Olive said she would watch our things while I took him.

Thanking her, I said, “It will be quick.”

Will, donut-resisting-abilities-notwithstanding, does tend to take after me in the sense that talking about bathroom activities is done in private. He waited until we were safely locked away in the bathroom to say, “I have to poop, Mommy.”

“O.k.,” I said, not thinking much of it.

He looked at me with what can only be described as an expression of ‘You idiot.’ What he actually said, though, was, “It won’t be quick.”

Oh. Well, right. Luckily, Olive is a daycare provider and not unaware of the intricacies of taking kids to the bathroom. I am not worried. I am, however, apologetic. “I’m sorry, Will. I think it will be o.k.”

He gave me the Ammirati look. (Yay, he really is related to me.)

“Are you mad?” I asked, wondering if more apologies were necessary.

“No,” he said, finally releasing me from his piercing gaze. He looked at the toilet paper roll. “I’m disappointed.”

Did I just hear that right? “Disappointed?”

He raised his eyebrows and shrugged his yes.

Oh, my goodness, oh my goodness, oh my goodness… I literally had to turn to the wall, shaking with laughter. What kind of five-year-old says that?

My five-year-old. Hell, yeah.

[Written on Friday, but not posted until Sunday]

The mean girls are at it again. Mean Girl #1 was on Lucy’s back all day, then got Mean Girl #2 to join in at recess. Apparently, Lucy is always mean to Mean Girl #1 (which, I don’t actually believe, but hey, if she were, I could understand why). Mean Girl #1 then proceeds to yell at Lucy and keep saying ‘Why are you yelling at me? Why are you mean to me? Why don’t you want to be my friend?’ (Do we really need to answer that?) Lucy, being much more mature than she was in K2, basically just ignored her, leading Mean Girl #2 to call across the tables at lunch, ‘Why are you being mean to [Mean Girl #1]? Why won’t you be her friend?’

Again, Lucy ignored her, which in turn led to Mean Girl #2 having Atarrah of all people go and ask Lucy why she didn’t want to be Mean Girl #1’s friend, to which Lucy also didn’t respond. That particular lack of response then had Atarrah telling Lucy that Mean Girl #2 didn’t want to be her friend (proving, once and for all, that Mean Girl #2 is actually Alpha Mean Girl, making her Mean Girl Numero Uno, aka Mean Girl #1). Lucy tells me she said, “I don’t care,” which I truly hope she did. Lucy also tells me that she just kept playing with Hannah and Ruth and Francesca, and that she only cried a little during lunch. 

Why, oh why, do there have to be mean girls? And why, as Lucy pointed out, do mean girls always seem to have so many friends? Sigh. If I could answer that one, I would have had a much happier elementary and junior high school experience. 

Luckily, we were heading to dance class and, as Lucy pointed out, there aren’t any mean girls there. Somehow, this group has worked out to just be a great group of kids — some of whom, granted, I find quite annoying (o.k., just one), but all of whom tend to not pick on each other, thank goodness. By the time I left (wanting to cry myself, of course), I could hear her laughing hysterically with one of the other kids. 

So here I am, typing away on my laptop as I sit on a park bench, thinking of how proud I am that she’s handling it so well and that she’s not letting them get to her the way they used to, but also just wanting to put her into a cocoon so that she never has to deal with mean girls again. Is it unethical for me to teach Will to be a playah and break the mean girls’ hearts? (Just the mean ones, I swear.) 

O.k. So no, I know I’m not allowed to do that. Wah. I will therefore move on to less emotional topics, such as…

Season Finales

Without A Trace — Good ep, happy ending (as WaT goes) — second one in a row! Is that a record? I’m not a big fan of the Sam/Jack story line, but I was ok with the way they played that. It was sweet. I guess Parker Abrams is gone for good? Too bad he doesn’t get to play good characters. At least Poppy Montgomery (and, presumably, their actual baby) loves him.

Criminal Minds — A really good episode. Not as creepy as most; one of the more scary ones, though, in its own way. Tell me again why a character has to die in every show’s cliffhanger (or be a murdered himself, but I digress)? Oh, right. Drama. God forbid we can actually just move on throughout the day. I swear to you, if I ever do get a book contract, and the publisher tells me I have to kill off one of my main characters just to keep things interesting, well, as Lily said to Marshall: Suck it. (Sorry, Mom.) Anyway, my take on this one is that Will (I think that’s his name) is the one who got blown up. (And I don’t actually know that, so it’s not like I’m giving any extra spoilers.) I mean, really — why else would you have him come all the way from New Orleans to see his Baby Mama and have her be happy in love if you’re not going to dash her heart to pieces? Drama, people! Which leads me to…

CSI — Was that necessary? I mean, plot-wise, that one actually makes sense (if you don’t mind the whole Warrick going off the deep end thing, that is). And, even if you didn’t know it was coming, how could you not have a hint after the lovely slow-mo good-bye breakfast, and the slow, lonesome walk to the car. Clearly, being a CSI at season’s end is not a good thing to be. First George Eads (I can’t think of his character’s name right now), then Sara, now this? At least the first two survived. To be honest, I think the Sara-going-away plotline was one of my favorites ever in having an actress leave a show. It’s the way most things really work — people up and move. Just when you thought you had finally reached a point in your life where you had some awesome friends, they up and move to (ahem) California. Australia. And that’s if they didn’t already live halfway across the country in the first place. Sorry; digressing again. Rarely, however, do they get buried alive (one each season!) or shot in the head. I mean, really. They just find a U-Haul and go. Seriously.

The Office — Heartbreaking, in a whole new way. Oh, Jim — so, so sad. (Possibly even Emmy-worthy — talk about conveying emotions without saying a word.) The set up, the fireworks, the romance… Sigh. What a wonderful proposal story that would have been to tell the grandkids some day. It was even one of those plot devices that you could actually believe. Can’t you totally see Ed Helms’ character seizing that moment while at the same time have it come out of nowhere? The one thing is that, the way things tend to run in that office, counting on everything going smoothly wasn’t exactly Jim’s smartest move. Usually, though, fireworks are a pretty reliable time for everyone else to just be doing their oohing and awing.

Grey’s Anatomy — To be honest, this was, I think, the first time I’d watched it all year. With it having its two-hour show last night, though, and with CSI’s season finale being last week, the DVR did something right for once and actually picked it up fairly randomly. I began watching it about fifteen minutes from the end (you know me, I have to see how it all turns out before I’m willing to commit, especially when dramedy is involved) and, well — holy cow! Everything ended up perfectly, according to my book. Even the Chief was ok in the end. Alex and Izzie — I know that’s going nowhere good and yet of everything, I think that one made me the happiest. (Not being invested in Rebecca, of course, her tragedy doesn’t play at my heartstrings. Hot boy crying and needed Izzie for ‘just one night’ — ‘…please.’ Hand me that fan, please. I’m all in.) Granted, I am trusting Shonda Rhimes not to have Derek meet up with Orson Hodge on some dark road, which may be a little much to ask, even after she promised everyone that Derek and Meredith would end up o.k. For the summer, though, everyone is good. 

I haven’t watched Bones yet, or CSI: Miami or :NY, so I’m sure I’m in for some more doozies. And I’m not sure if the Ugly Betty and The Game I just watched were finales or have one left to go. I’m liking Hilda and the Coach, though. Let’s not have this one die in a convenience store robbery? We should at least be safe until next spring at this time. Until the next post…

Watching The Game now. I am constantly surprised at how much I like this show. That’s not why I’m posting, though… I just had to say that they actually just used the “If it’s yellow…” line! (The full thing; not just what I can physically write.) Jason is truly hysterical. Now this is what I’m talking about about playing something straight. “I’ve got bills to pay,” and all that.


I’m feeling talky today, so be forewarned: there may be a lot going on here today, and it may not make a lot of sense. Depending on how it all goes, I may just post one entry or I may post a bunch. Let’s get crazy!

Some Random TV Thoughts

Zach? Really? I haven’t even watched it yet, and it pisses me off.

R.I.P. Shark, Back to You, Women’s Murder Club, Moonlight
I truly don’t understand how TV execs think. Didn’t Shark used to be on top? Not that it’s the best show ever, but I don’t think it’s bad. It feels like it was all over the place schedule wise this season, then with the writer’s strike, it was gone for even longer, it seemed, than others. And I just read that it’s not coming back. That irritates me. I’m also annoyed that Women’s Murder Club didn’t get a better chance. Again, not like it was Emmy-worthy; at the same time, it seemed that with a little more time, it could have gone from mediocre to good. With the built in audience from the books, I would think that it wouldn’t have taken much more work to get the ratings up. Thanks, CBS, for all your nurturing.

Back to You and Moonlight I can understand a little more — one never seemed to find its audience and the other was probably unlikely to (at least by regular network standards), although I personally think that these, too, should be coming back.

On the Other Hand…
I am grateful that some other quirky shows — Reaper and Chuck, for example — are making it back, as is How I Met Your Mother. Oh, and The Unit and The Adventures of New Christine. I was wondering what happened to The Unit — I don’t think I’ve been able to see it at all this season — but I do really like it (is anyone surprised?), and I’m glad it’s coming back. I’m also pretty happy about how some of these shows will be mid-season shows, as opposed to Fall. Thanks to the DVR (LACK OF) storage capacity, it’s kind of hard to keep up. With new shows coming in the summer (yay, Burn Notice, Monk, Psych, The Closer, Saving Grace, Army Wives!), the Fall lineup, then the mid-season stuff (including a new season of Law & Order, which, if you gave up on it is definitely worth a new look these days), well, there’s a lot of good TV watching to be had. (And, um, that’s before you even take into account my new reality tendencies (Project Runway, Top Chef, American Idol and Dancing With the Stars [gulp, I have succumbed], Dance Wars, America’s Best Dance Crew, and, although I haven’t watched it yet, I’m expecting to have a new favorite in So You Think You Can Dance).

Jane Doe
Thank you, Hallmark channel, for bringing me back to the 80s. With Joe Penny and Lea Thompson as the main characters, and that Perry Mason guy, too (sorry, Perry Mason guy, I’ll go to IMDB and get your name — William Moses), it’s a major flashback. And in the episode I’m watching now, Erin Gray is actually a guest star! The faces are definitely 30 years older, but still, nice to see for the most part.

It’s not just the faces bringing me back, it’s the style. This is definitely old-school. The writing, the acting, the directing — there’s a reason this is on the Hallmark channel. Put this up against, say, The Closer, and… Ouch. Seriously. I mean — “It seems as though he was an unwitting accomplice to whoever is behind these murders”? Picture Lea Thompson saying that with an ‘I have to be a serious, weighty secret-agent-slash-mom so I will make sure my eyes and expression convey serious, weighty secret-agent-slash-mom thoughts’ way of talking, while the director is thinking ‘she must use many useless and distracting hand gestures while standing with feet wide apart and head cocked to the side in order to convey the serious, weighty secret-agent-slash-mom dialogue that we are giving her.’

Well, you get the idea.

And it’s not so good to have Joe Penny as her straight man, since he’s actually good. Erin Gray wasn’t so bad, either. The worst part? I don’t think Lea Thompson is an awful actress. Back to the Future proves that. It also proves, however, how important writing and directing are. (Yes, that’s a shout-out to you, Jess. 🙂 )

Or, actually, thanks to being behind on the DVR, ‘Two Weeks Ago TV.’ The CSI/2.5 Men writer crossover? Eh. I can see how they must have all loved the read-through — definitely a lot of inside jokes. I think it would have been better if in the end they had played it a little more straight. Of everyone, I think Brass was the best. He’s always got that slightly amused look on his face, so having it there for this whole ep was natural. Grissom is usually like that, too, but for some reason it just didn’t work for me here. That said, I did like the ending — both Brass and Grissom were perfect in that scene (although, in a real ep they obviously would not have had the same outcome, so there was definitely some suspension of disbelief required). I also like the actress who played Banana #2; this was a better role for her than the perpetual annoying best friend in the perpetually annoying Notes from the Underbelly.

Without A Trace — yay, happy ending! I mean, if you can ignore the whole girlfriend and her son dying in a fire thing, of course. Normally this is not something I can ignore at all. In order to watch WaT, however, I always have to close off that part of me. Kind of a figurative sticking my fingers in my ears and saying, “Blah, blah, blah” at the top of my lungs.

I can’t remember what else I watched yesterday; those are the ones that stood out.

Right now I’m doing another 80s flashback, thanks to Anthony Michael Hall — The Dead Zone. Another show I’m not sure what happened to (and, frankly, don’t care enough about to waste the three minutes to find out). With some of these cable networks, I have no clue whatsoever as to what’s a current season, and what’s a rerun (or, to be even more complicated, what’s a rerun of a current season since they tend to replay them over and over again, sometimes within a week, sometimes within a season — hello, MI-5! ). I’m pretty sure that it was done as of last spring.

Hmph. This is an irritating one — Armageddon, Stilson, and the Reverend. Sigh. I may not make it through the whole episode. Except, well, there’s Walt. I do miss him. We’ll have to see.

And One More Thing
Alas, a casualty of the dinner/movie outing last night was the season finale of NCIS. We got the first 15 minutes, but it appears that settle down time intervened. The more annoying thing? I’m almost positive that the intervening show was American Idol. If only I’d known, I would have asked them to at least record that if we wouldn’t be getting anything else. Sigh. That will have to go on the punchlist of shows to catch in the rerun.

Oh, no, wait — there’s a much more annoying thing than that! Put this in the “Top Ten Reasons the DVR Pisses Me Off” category. Why was the DVR only allowing one show to be taped in the 8-9? When I tried to put American Idol in in the first place, it would only let me if I cancelled NCIS. I get it when it spills over into the 9 p.m. time frame (oh, how I hate the 8:00 – 9:02 stupid shows!), but this didn’t even do that. And it wasn’t like there was a second thing recording on another network. It just decided that it would have to cancel NCIS if it taped anything else. Isn’t that the whole point of the DVR? That you can tape two shows at once? It’s the one improvement over TiVo (the only, as far as I’m concerned) — so if it doesn’t work, then it’s pretty useless. Grrr.

Further Ramblings

Well, geez. No wonder I always feel like I don’t have the time to get everything done that I want to — this post took me nearly two hours to write. That’s a little discouraging, considering that it isn’t exactly Pulitzer-worthy. And, although it doesn’t pay the bills, that’s kind of what I like doing. Write. In order to post regularly here, I would have to take a substantial chunk out of my day. And that doesn’t include the time needed to help out my friend, Hux. (Different kind of friend than Esther. Also therapy in its own way, but I don’t have to pay Hux. 🙂 ) Right now my days don’t have that kind of time.

Speaking of categories, put that in the one called ‘Something To Think About’…

Yes, we are definitely going to be breaking this into more posts. Two hours doing one thing is getting me antsy. And my email hit 100% capacity at 4 in the morning, so there’s work to do there.

For reasons I won’t bother to go into at the moment, tonight’s TV viewing has been reality-based. I am quite new to the reality genre — scripted TV is definitely much more up my alley. However, I do also happen to like all that singing and dancing stuff, so when Dance Wars with Bruno and Carrie Anne debuted, I thought it might be something that I could actually enjoy watching with Lucy and Will. And, although I certainly understand that all the good-parenting people say that TV and kids shouldn’t go hand in hand, I do have some quite happy memories of the three of us gathering on the couch with popcorn to watch that week’s new episode. (Or, more specifically, of Will standing on the couch with his fists pumping in the air yelling, “Elisabeth! Elisabeth!” for his favorite performer.) At about the same time, I was introduced to Project Runway. It was, well, fierce, I do have to say.

From there, I moved on to America’s Best Dance Crew. That was surprisingly enjoyable! Another one that was mostly dependable in terms of ok kid viewing, plus it was real dancing. Not ballroom, of course, but Jabberwockeez (or however you spell it) was pretty amazing. Status Quo, Kabba Modern, Great Skate (yes, I’m butchering all these names — sorry), weren’t exactly what you’d call bad.

With those being the first foray into reality territory, I felt ready to venture further. Thus I come to tonight’s DVR line-up. First, Dancing with the Stars. Lucy’s liking it, and there are elements I don’t dislike. For example, I kind of like Sheryl Crow. I definitely like the “All I want to do is have some fun” song. What I could really have done without was the two couples dancing to it with both costumes and dance moves that, essentially, were what the Bada Bing girls do (did) in the Sopranos. I mean, are their budgets tight? Can they not afford costumes that cover more of a woman’s body? Do they not understand that less isn’t always more? And the dance itself — it was actually obscene. Give me the street crews from ABDC any day. Sheryl Crow looked a bit stunned as she sang. I didn’t blame her.

The other disturbing thing was the kids doing the ballroom dancing. Much more appropriately, thank God, but still a bit off-putting to see these eight-year-olds as pseudo-adults. Part of it was the costumes, part of it the way they came off in the interviews. Now, I have a precocious eight-year-old of sorts, so I’m more than happy to allow for some of that; the whole stagey-precocious thing is a bit much for me, though.

The second show of the night was Top Chef – the Elements episode. I haven’t taken to Top Chef in the same way as I had to Project Runway. Maybe it’s the people, maybe it’s the show itself. (Although, I do have this overwhelming urge to cook up some of those fancy dishes. Not that you’d know it from our repertoire of macaroni and cheese and McDonald’s.) Tonight, though, I was actually moved.

[SPOILER ALERT – If you don’t want to know who got eliminated, don’t keep reading until you find it out somewhere else.]

I have to admit, I’ve been kind of annoyed by the Jen/Zoi relationship. Well, not the relationship itself, but the way it gets played into the drama of it all. However — the look on Jen’s face when Zoi was eliminated, the quick embrace and kiss, the hugs all around as everyone said good-bye to Zoi, and then the final Jen/Zoi hug and kiss — clinging but not clingy, incredibly touching… It turned me around, I do have to say. I’m going to miss seeing more of them together.

Well, we’re now into American Idol — my first season of it, if you can believe it — with the bottom three in front of me. I usually don’t watch the ‘elimination’ show (speaking of manufactured drama), although I do tend to like seeing them all perform together. … O.k. As I typed that, there was actual drama. A surprise good-bye. I stand (slightly) corrected. Sorry to see you go, Michael. As, clearly, are many others.

Wait – do they always make them sing the song they lost on? Really?

Oh, good. 30 Rock is up next. Accordingly, they’ve got their own reality thing going on in this ep, and, from the little I’ve seen so far, it is Hi-larious. “We no longer want to hit that,” indeed.