Will’s friend Owen was visiting today. They, along with Lucy, played outside for awhile together; then Lucy came in to ice the cupcakes she’d made. (Mini cream cheese filled cupcakes — they were quite good!) I kept my eye on them out the window, surprised at how long the two of them stood there on the platform of the swingset, nearly stockstill, but seeming as though they were having a conversation so I wasn’t too worried about it. The next time I went by, though, Will waved his hands vigorously and called out for help. “We’re trapped!”

“Trapped?” I of course ask, not seeing anything or anyone who’d be trapping them. “By what?”

“The skunk.” 

The skunk (or, ‘stunk’, as Owen calls it) that seems to be living under our deck? “Why would you think the skunk is trapping you?” 

“Because,” Lucy innocently said from behind me, “I told them that if they came down the skunk would get them. I didn’t want them to take my swing.”

Oh, goodness. Ingenious, yes, but, well — we’re only eight days into official tween-ship. At the same time, when Will and Owen almost came to blow over a bad Hungry Hippos moment, she completely stepped in and distracted them like a really big big kid. I’m not sure I’m ready for that, either.

Fine Dining

Last night was a Fine Dining night. My choice — Clio’s. I’ve been wanting to go there for awhile, but had held back because every time I looked at the menu, I couldn’t find that many things that I would want to eat. I had to choose on the fly, though (these last few months feel like they’ve been tougher than usual; it was hard to think beyond the moment I was actually in), so I went with it. I did the Open Tables reservation thing — tres easy! Unlike our last place, however, they didn’t seem to register that I had pre-notified about Jeff’s allergies. And, unfortunately, when we got there, it was clear that just about everything had either seafood or poultry in it (literally — there was only a salad and the vegetarian entree for Jeff to choose from). Luckily, he seemed ok with both dishes. But, I admit, I was surprised that a restaurant as prestigious as that would be so limited in terms of options. Maybe I’ve just become a lot more sensitive to what’s available to people with allergies.

On my own part, I wasn’t overly thrilled with the salad. Sesame oil, one of my least favorite tastes, was an unadvertised major component of the dressing. The lobster entree (with fava beans and mushrooms) was quite yummy. I love it when I actually end up ordering the right thing! It doesn’t always happen, unfortunately; happily, though, I also ordered exactly the right dessert for me. Good food, plus good friends equals another excellent Fine Dining experience.

Kelley and I actually thought about going out to the movies afterwards, but the timing didn’t end up working. Sure I am still up and typing at 12:36 am, but I’ve become way too old fogey and need my downtime before bed. A 10 pm movie just doesn’t work for me. Baby Mama and Forgetting Sarah Marshall will have to come some other time. I’ll hopefully manage to catch them in the theater — next week Iron Man and Made of Honor come out, too; two more flicks I’d like to catch. Four whole movies I want to see! Yay!