I love0758269188.01._SY95_SCLZZZZZZZ_d this book! It pretty much had everything I want in a story – strong female lead (quirky, but not annoyingly so), great male lead (flawed, of course, but believably so [even if he’s an otherwise perfect specimen of the male persuasion, right down to the trust fund]), enjoyable secondary characters, and a story that built up perfectly. The beginning took me by surprise, I have to admit, in a way that made me unsure of whether or not I liked the main characters, but that was fixed fairly quickly. Other than that, my only complaint was that right when the payoff hit, rather than stay focused on the two main characters, the story switched entirely to a secondary story. (Thus the 4, rather than 5-star rating.) I didn’t hate that other plotline (although, I have to admit, I didn’t like Brody as a character much at all), I just would have liked to have more time with the main characters. All in all, though, it’s a book I could see myself coming back to — it’s definitely an author I’ll be seeking out again.