It’s waaaayyyy too late, even for me, but I realized I hadn’t had a chance yet to post our itinerary and wanted to make sure to do so. Before I do, however, a quick note for anyone who might have what my doctor calls “sinister” purposes: our house will be occupied for the whole time we’re away so don’t go getting any ideas!

With that out of the way, here goes:

Beginning point: Boston, MA
To Portland, ME by car
To Albany, NY by car [thanks to ‘track work’; oh, Amtrak, please don’t let this be a sign of how the trip is going to go!]
To Chicago by train
To Grand Junction, CO by train
To Four Corners (Shiprock, NM?) by car
To Kayenta, AZ by car
To Grand Canyon by car
To Williams, AZ by car
To Las Vegas by car
To Kingman, AZ by car
To Glendale, CA by train
To Carlsbad, CA by car
To Anaheim, CA by car
To Ojai, CA by car
To Los Angeles by car
To Kansas City, MO by train
To Chicago by train
To Albany by train
To Saratoga by car
To Boston by car

And then can I have another vacation?

Wish us luck!