Going through all of the baby clothes reminded me of how hard it is to figure out the sizing for all of these things. Last night I was trying to find a onesie for James to wear and came across three of them that were all ostensibly the same size: 0-3 months. Carter’s is like the Papa Bear of baby clothes: too big. Gerber is the Mama Bear: too small. Baby Gap is Goldilocks: just right. (Check out the picture below to see them all together.)

Not that the too big and too small don’t come in handy: the Gerber onesies were the only thing that fit James at first. And why Baby Gap has a 0-3 size that doesn’t actually fit the 0 part, well, that can be a bit frustrating. (And that’s what Baby Gap NB size — newborn, for those not in the know — is for.)

I realize this isn’t exactly earth-shattering news, but it took me three kids to figure this out so I thought I’d share.