Transplanted a bunch more of the seedlings today – Shasta Daisy (Alaska and some other kind – something Princess?), ‘Irish Eyes,’ Coreopsis, and Baby’s Breath – as well as some of the things from the window box from Jess’ wedding. Since those are succulents, I’m not sure they’ll make it much past the next couple of weeks; they’ll still look better than the weeds that were in that patch. There’s supposed to be more rain coming tonight (surprise) and Thursday – will the mulch I added make it better or worse? Only time will tell. Ooooh – and 4 (or maybe 3 – I can’t remember) cubic yards of dirt got delivered today for the raised beds that Kelley built a few weeks ago.

Next steps: mulch the pumpkins and sunflowers (they’ve made it half a week!), plant the last few daisy plants and the Forget-Me-Nots, move the dirt from the driveway to the beds