June 2009

Transplanted a bunch more of the seedlings today – Shasta Daisy (Alaska and some other kind – something Princess?), ‘Irish Eyes,’ Coreopsis, and Baby’s Breath – as well as some of the things from the window box from Jess’ wedding. Since those are succulents, I’m not sure they’ll make it much past the next couple of weeks; they’ll still look better than the weeds that were in that patch. There’s supposed to be more rain coming tonight (surprise) and Thursday – will the mulch I added make it better or worse? Only time will tell. Ooooh – and 4 (or maybe 3 – I can’t remember) cubic yards of dirt got delivered today for the raised beds that Kelley built a few weeks ago.

Next steps: mulch the pumpkins and sunflowers (they’ve made it half a week!), plant the last few daisy plants and the Forget-Me-Nots, move the dirt from the driveway to the beds

Check it out – two posts in one day!

We transferred all the pumpkin and sunflower seedlings to the side of the house today. Well, rather, I transferred them while Lucy and Will helped by weeding. (Which, incidentally was quite cute. Of course, as I put them to bed I found that they had both eaten various snacks/dessert without washing their hands first. I now find myself wondering if there is a possibility that the weeds they pulled were poisonous — I mean, I know they’re not foxglove, and I know they’re not random mushrooms, but I will most certainly be doing breathing checks tonight before I go to bed.) Since the forecast predicts rain every day for at least the next week, I’m not feeling overly optimistic that, come fall, there will be a thriving pumpkin patch; at the same time, I will keep my fingers crossed.

Hopefully there will be enough sun at some point over the next week to plant the rest of the seedlings. I’m afraid that if they stay in those flats for too much longer they’re all going to go to that compost pile in the sky. (Or maybe just the compost pile in the backyard. Much easier to get to.)

As Lucy and Will were brushing their teeth before bed, I happened to look in the mirror and, thanks to the light hitting exactly in the wrong way, saw nothing but gray in my hair.

Lucy’s response to dismay: Mommy, it looks really pretty. Like lots of highlights.

Will’s response, delivered while looking at her like she was crazy: Uh, there’s a lot of white stuff there.


A is for Apple
B is for Balloon [although, I have to admit, I read this as Barroom the first time through]
C is for Car
D is for Dinosaur
E is for Eye
F is for Fahad
G is for Green
H is for Helicopter
I is for Ice Cream
J is for Jet
K is for Kitten
L is for Lance
M is for Marcel
N is for No
O is for One
P is for Panda
Q is for Quit
R is for Rascar [i.e., race car]
S is for Sami
T is for Truck
U is for Ubr [your guess is as good as mine]
V is for Violin
W is for Will
X is for Xray
Y is for Yellow
Z is for Zoo