I have to admit, I was caught by surprise with the announcement that McCain’s running mate would be a woman. He may not be my candidate, but he sure does know how to play the game. So this is certainly going to be much more interesting than I think I would have liked it to be. As of yet, none of my rabid Clinton supporter friends have been willing to cross party lines; I’m sure, however, that there will be members of that ‘sisterhood’ (see my earlier post) who will be tempted.

With that in mind, I do have to say that this whole moment in history has certainly been something. Last night, I watched most of Obama’s speech with Lucy next to me. I’m sure anyone who knows me won’t be surprised to learn that I was a little emotional during it. The moment he said ’45 years ago…’ my eyes welled up. When the camera switched to the sixty-something black man who was clearly overcome, the waterworks started. When, at the end of the speech, he was joined onstage by his wife and daughters, I actually let out a sob.

And now we’re looking at a future in which either a black man or a woman will be in the White House. (Knock on wood, of course. I know I’m not the only one who thinks about all the crazies out there.) For my daughter to be able to witness that — for my son to be able to — is nothing short of amazing.