Three posts in one day – a record. You saw the post about the Flickr photos; I was also able to get an album about the George/Deirdre wedding created in Facebook. That one’s only 60 photos as opposed to the whole shebang, so if you’re interested but want only the specially selected ones, that’s where to go.

I also managed to read through all my emails that came in while I was away. Since it took the entire afternoon, I wasn’t really able to deal with any of them; my key thing was to get rid of everything that didn’t need my attention. Tomorrow is the day to begin digging in.

On a sad note, one of the first emails I did see today was one bringing the very unwelcome news that one of our faculty members passed away on Saturday. He is someone who has meant a great deal to me from the moment I stepped foot in his class (one of my first in grad school) nearly twelve years ago. My feelings run quite deep and are not to be posted here, but in an attempt not to lose track of this tribute, I do want to post a link that David Dwiggins came across:

It was written by someone from his other life – in addition to being a professor at GSLIS, Allen was a horseshoer for many, many years – but it is not surprising to me that he made the same impression in that world as he did in mine. He will be deeply missed.