As per usual, last night didn’t go as planned. We hit major traffic on the way home — that Sunday night construction is brutal! — so we didn’t get home until after 2:30. It’s really hard for me to get right to sleep when we get home, so I ended up lying down with Lucy and reading for a while. (As did she. It did not make for a good morning.) As a result, I’m beyond tired today; it’s taking all I have not to just go upstairs and go to bed. Taking a power nap, though, is definitely not a good idea because I’ll probably sleep until dinner time.

So, the plan at the moment — since I happily am still officially off today, I will be easing into things with baby steps. Like, for example, forcing myself to turn on the computer when that’s the last thing I want to do. If that means doing a bit of blogging and uploading more pictures (as you may have noticed, I wasn’t able to get much done yesterday thanks to my laptop not picking up a reliable connection), well that’s what it means. Maybe after a bit of that, I’ll be ready to open up email.

Stay tuned…