July was truly one of those ‘If it’s Tuesday…’ months. Beginning with the Fourth of July weekend, we were literally on the road for all but six or seven days. In fact, I am sitting here in Red Bank, NJ, on Linda’s very comfy couch, taking advantage of a few moments of relative quiet to do a bit of posting and, hopefully, get to work on uploading all these photos.

Rather than continue along with the backlog, as I’ve been doing, I think I’ll begin working my way backwards. I haven’t had the chance to download any of the pictures from the last two weeks (which, I have to be honest, number quite high), but I do want to get George and Deirdre’s wedding pics up soon, and it seems that’s as good as any place to start.

At the moment, photos are the most prominent thing, so although there were some memorable quotes that I will hopefully eventually share, I’m going to be spending some time at Flickr. I’ll post again when I have the pics up there and on Facebook.