Well here it is, halfway into day two of this vacation, and although I can’t believe it’s noon already, I am happy with what I’ve accomplished so far. As usual, I felt mongo (is that a word? It feels like it should be) guilt for making Lucy and Will go to their respective places when I’m sitting here at home. I was therefore quite relieved when Will barely even took the time to push me out the door. In fact, he was kind of looking at me like, ‘Why, exactly, are you still here?’ Oh, how we will miss this place next year.

I was a little more worried about Lucy as it is her first full day of camp, and, although she was there on Monday afternoon with After School, I was concerned about her coming into it mid-week. As I mentioned yesterday, though, she did seem excited and, when we woke up this morning, today was no different. In fact, she was almost skipping, she seemed so happy to see her new friends. (“Mommy, I told you that I knew Karen from last year.” Excuse me – one new friend and one friend from last year.) When we got to the park, she literally ran ahead of me, so eager to start playing. Her new friend (yes, the actual new one), Hannah, saw her immediately and ran to greet her. They ran off on a game of tag, which was joined at once by Hosin (I have absolutely no idea how to spell that, or even if that’s his actual name; work with me, here), a mid-year addition to her class at school with sometimes problematic results, and Isaac, her classmate since kindergarten. As I was leaving, her good friend Mekayla also showed up and the five of them began buzzing about their field trip today to the state park.

Don’t believe me? Here is the picture I took this morning:

Lucy and friends at camp this morning

Isn’t she beaming? (And, Cathy, notice what she’s wearing?) Oh, the happy.

It definitely put me in a great mood for yet another attempt at gym-going. (O.k., so that makes it seem like I’ve been attempting on a regular basis. It has been regular, just more like once every six months rather than anything more often.) With the exception of realizing that even the eightysomething-year-olds around me were walking faster than I was, it was an excellent treadmill experience. I even burned 143.5 whole calories. Which, yes, I immediately proceeded to negate by eating 4 double chocolate milano cookies, but hey, I would have done that anyway. And now that metabolism’s pumping, right? Uh, sure.

When I got home, I decided that enough was enough and took out that stray hedge by the front door. Yes, I left all of the branch droppings on the front yard, but it’s a start. Kelley doesn’t know it yet (unless he’s reading this right now), but part of the plan for Friday will be digging out the roots. He likes that kind of stuff, though (right, Chick?), so hopefully he’ll be more on the ‘Yay, Jen, you actually got off your butt and did something!’ attitude than ‘Oy, Jen, could you just maybe leave things alone until we talk it all out first?’ one. Not that that’s a bone of contention or anything, of course. 🙂

I also did finally manage to get to some emails that I haven’t had a chance to over the last week and a half. Man, work has taken a lot out of me! It feels good to be able to start moving other things forward again, though; hopefully it will continue along these lines.

With that in mind, I will sign off for the moment and start cleaning up some of those branches. And then maybe I’ll get to work on that new chapter. Or my desk. Or, well, whatever.

Tune in again later today and find out what I’ve managed to get done. On that exciting note…