Today it was hard to get energized. Being in NJ over the weekend definitely put me in summer vacation mode. Not good when I’m not actually on vacation.

Anyway, I thought you guys might like to read about the conversation on the way to dinner. I was in the mood for Bertucci’s (when am I ever not?). Kelley, being exhausted after spending six hours driving home last night (oh, after getting up early with Will — I’m sorry, Chick; not the best way to celebrate Father’s Day?), put me on notice that he would be very cranky if they did their misbehaving schtick.

When he ran inside the house to change, I said to them, “Here’s the deal — Daddy’s really tired and might not be in a good mood tonight. I would be really happy if you two behaved the way you did on Friday night when we went to Friendly’s.”

Here’s the conversation that followed:

Lucy (after a few seconds’ pause): If it’s a deal, what do we get?
Me: Um, it’s not really a deal, I was saying ‘Here’s the deal.’
Lucy: Right, so it’s a deal. So what do we get?
Me: You get my everlasting love?
Lucy (looking suspicious): What else would we get?
Me (incredulous): You mean you don’t want my everlasting love?
Lucy: Well, how much is that?
Me: It’s everlasting.
Will: Can we have dessert instead?
Me: You’d rather have dessert than my everlasting love?
Lucy: You love us everlasting no matter what.
Me (busted!): Well, yes, but that’s a pretty good deal.
Lucy (not buying it one bit): Can we make brownies tonight?
Me: Not tonight. But maybe tomorrow.
Lucy: Do you promise tomorrow?
Me (fine!): I promise.
Lucy (looking at Will and indicating that the negotiating is done): O.k. then. It’s a deal.

Sigh. I thought having smart kids was supposed to be a good thing.