[Written on Friday, but not posted until Sunday]

The mean girls are at it again. Mean Girl #1 was on Lucy’s back all day, then got Mean Girl #2 to join in at recess. Apparently, Lucy is always mean to Mean Girl #1 (which, I don’t actually believe, but hey, if she were, I could understand why). Mean Girl #1 then proceeds to yell at Lucy and keep saying ‘Why are you yelling at me? Why are you mean to me? Why don’t you want to be my friend?’ (Do we really need to answer that?) Lucy, being much more mature than she was in K2, basically just ignored her, leading Mean Girl #2 to call across the tables at lunch, ‘Why are you being mean to [Mean Girl #1]? Why won’t you be her friend?’

Again, Lucy ignored her, which in turn led to Mean Girl #2 having Atarrah of all people go and ask Lucy why she didn’t want to be Mean Girl #1’s friend, to which Lucy also didn’t respond. That particular lack of response then had Atarrah telling Lucy that Mean Girl #2 didn’t want to be her friend (proving, once and for all, that Mean Girl #2 is actually Alpha Mean Girl, making her Mean Girl Numero Uno, aka Mean Girl #1). Lucy tells me she said, “I don’t care,” which I truly hope she did. Lucy also tells me that she just kept playing with Hannah and Ruth and Francesca, and that she only cried a little during lunch. 

Why, oh why, do there have to be mean girls? And why, as Lucy pointed out, do mean girls always seem to have so many friends? Sigh. If I could answer that one, I would have had a much happier elementary and junior high school experience. 

Luckily, we were heading to dance class and, as Lucy pointed out, there aren’t any mean girls there. Somehow, this group has worked out to just be a great group of kids — some of whom, granted, I find quite annoying (o.k., just one), but all of whom tend to not pick on each other, thank goodness. By the time I left (wanting to cry myself, of course), I could hear her laughing hysterically with one of the other kids. 

So here I am, typing away on my laptop as I sit on a park bench, thinking of how proud I am that she’s handling it so well and that she’s not letting them get to her the way they used to, but also just wanting to put her into a cocoon so that she never has to deal with mean girls again. Is it unethical for me to teach Will to be a playah and break the mean girls’ hearts? (Just the mean ones, I swear.) 

O.k. So no, I know I’m not allowed to do that. Wah. I will therefore move on to less emotional topics, such as…

Season Finales

Without A Trace — Good ep, happy ending (as WaT goes) — second one in a row! Is that a record? I’m not a big fan of the Sam/Jack story line, but I was ok with the way they played that. It was sweet. I guess Parker Abrams is gone for good? Too bad he doesn’t get to play good characters. At least Poppy Montgomery (and, presumably, their actual baby) loves him.

Criminal Minds — A really good episode. Not as creepy as most; one of the more scary ones, though, in its own way. Tell me again why a character has to die in every show’s cliffhanger (or be a murdered himself, but I digress)? Oh, right. Drama. God forbid we can actually just move on throughout the day. I swear to you, if I ever do get a book contract, and the publisher tells me I have to kill off one of my main characters just to keep things interesting, well, as Lily said to Marshall: Suck it. (Sorry, Mom.) Anyway, my take on this one is that Will (I think that’s his name) is the one who got blown up. (And I don’t actually know that, so it’s not like I’m giving any extra spoilers.) I mean, really — why else would you have him come all the way from New Orleans to see his Baby Mama and have her be happy in love if you’re not going to dash her heart to pieces? Drama, people! Which leads me to…

CSI — Was that necessary? I mean, plot-wise, that one actually makes sense (if you don’t mind the whole Warrick going off the deep end thing, that is). And, even if you didn’t know it was coming, how could you not have a hint after the lovely slow-mo good-bye breakfast, and the slow, lonesome walk to the car. Clearly, being a CSI at season’s end is not a good thing to be. First George Eads (I can’t think of his character’s name right now), then Sara, now this? At least the first two survived. To be honest, I think the Sara-going-away plotline was one of my favorites ever in having an actress leave a show. It’s the way most things really work — people up and move. Just when you thought you had finally reached a point in your life where you had some awesome friends, they up and move to (ahem) California. Australia. And that’s if they didn’t already live halfway across the country in the first place. Sorry; digressing again. Rarely, however, do they get buried alive (one each season!) or shot in the head. I mean, really. They just find a U-Haul and go. Seriously.

The Office — Heartbreaking, in a whole new way. Oh, Jim — so, so sad. (Possibly even Emmy-worthy — talk about conveying emotions without saying a word.) The set up, the fireworks, the romance… Sigh. What a wonderful proposal story that would have been to tell the grandkids some day. It was even one of those plot devices that you could actually believe. Can’t you totally see Ed Helms’ character seizing that moment while at the same time have it come out of nowhere? The one thing is that, the way things tend to run in that office, counting on everything going smoothly wasn’t exactly Jim’s smartest move. Usually, though, fireworks are a pretty reliable time for everyone else to just be doing their oohing and awing.

Grey’s Anatomy — To be honest, this was, I think, the first time I’d watched it all year. With it having its two-hour show last night, though, and with CSI’s season finale being last week, the DVR did something right for once and actually picked it up fairly randomly. I began watching it about fifteen minutes from the end (you know me, I have to see how it all turns out before I’m willing to commit, especially when dramedy is involved) and, well — holy cow! Everything ended up perfectly, according to my book. Even the Chief was ok in the end. Alex and Izzie — I know that’s going nowhere good and yet of everything, I think that one made me the happiest. (Not being invested in Rebecca, of course, her tragedy doesn’t play at my heartstrings. Hot boy crying and needed Izzie for ‘just one night’ — ‘…please.’ Hand me that fan, please. I’m all in.) Granted, I am trusting Shonda Rhimes not to have Derek meet up with Orson Hodge on some dark road, which may be a little much to ask, even after she promised everyone that Derek and Meredith would end up o.k. For the summer, though, everyone is good. 

I haven’t watched Bones yet, or CSI: Miami or :NY, so I’m sure I’m in for some more doozies. And I’m not sure if the Ugly Betty and The Game I just watched were finales or have one left to go. I’m liking Hilda and the Coach, though. Let’s not have this one die in a convenience store robbery? We should at least be safe until next spring at this time. Until the next post…