I’m taking a week off so that I don’t lose my vacation time. It’s only today that it started to kick in since yesterday was an entire day devoted to PSF. (8 hours, but who’s counting?)

Today, however, has been kind of nice. In my head, I prepared to not feel at all relaxed until at least noon, since I had a 9 a.m. appointment (with, um, the friend who listens to me talk about myself for exactly 45 minutes and then schedules another listening date for three weeks from now; my insurance is very nice and pays for this friend), then I had plans to get a pedicure, then a Staples trip. And although those, of course, were completely within my control, I still resented the time it took to do them and was affronted that they nudged their way into my day. Dumb things.

Anyway, I was pretty proud of the fact that I don’t have a huge amount of expectations for this week and told Esther (said ‘friend’) as much. I then proceeded to get completely stressed due to the feeling that the week was nearly over and I’d gotten nothing done. I then got even more stressed because I was annoyed that I wanted to spend my vacation cleaning out email and I knew people would say that’s not what I should be doing. Esther was quite helpful and told me the whole point was to do what I wanted to be doing and that if that was cleaning out email, then that’s what it was. And if I decided at any point that cleaning out email (or cleaning the house, or whatever I happened to be doing at the moment) was no longer working out for me, then, well, I should stop doing it and move on to the next thing. Funny how those friends actually know what they’re saying. Hmph.

I then headed to Staples and bought only the one thing that I completely needed (the binder to replace the binder that got stepped on when I left it on the living room floor several weeks ago — go figure), knowing that I still had a whole month to spend out my rewards check. From there, pedicure. I actually brought my own book so that I wouldn’t have to get invested in a magazine only to have to leave it behind and, with the exception of that uncomfortable feeling that all the ladies talking in a language I don’t understand are talking about the horrendous state of my — blech, I can barely even type the word — toenails, I was able to enjoy myself and only once feel like the time was being wasted.

I got a grinder on the way home and ate it plus doritos for lunch (Weight Watchers be damned). Then… Email!!! My progress so far:

* I didn’t feel at all guilty dropping everything to watch Top Chef, CSI, and Without A Trace with my full attention. (Is it just me, or do Andrew and Spike look like the same person? I get SO confused.) When Smallville is over, I’ll have deleted 4 things off the DVR, bringing that capacity down into the 80s.

* I picked some crap up off the floor. Even went so far as to vacuum up some dead flies.

* I managed to archive and/or delete all the May 2005 emails in my inbox. Yes, I got the irony that I was dealing with emails from literally three years ago today.

* I managed to clean out another 15 folders from the inbox sitting on the server

Mind you, I’m still at 99.72% capacity email-inbox-wise (do you see a theme here?), but every step takes me further.

Kelley and the kids will be home soon, so I’d better get the DVR stuff lined up for tonight. (Grrr. Why will it only let me tape one show from 8-9? Sigh, how I miss TiVo.) It’s anniversary #13, so we’re going out to dinner and then to see Baby Mama. Woo-hoo!